a third generation family food business

Our Family

Ryan Sparrow grew up making popcorn with his dad. His concession stand helped him pay his way through college.

Ryan married a farm girl, Michelle, and their love of food carried into their family of four daughters, infecting them with an innovative spirit.

The family kitchen was a testing grounds to cut and paste tupperware into a new snack trays, and try out new recipes. Family vacations always included trips to local grocery stores to see their offerings and displays. In addition to card tournaments, the Sparrow family created taste testing score charts, with rankings for flavor, visual appeal, and texture (or if Ryan wanted to annoy his daughters "mouthfeel").

The Sparrows moved from the Midwest to the East Coast 15 years ago, where they've celebrated so many milestones, including welcoming a grandchild!

The Sparrow Family has grown and changed, and so has their taste. Sparrow's Snacks are growing up with them, from halftime concessions, to premium happy hour snacks, made with all natural ingredients from other small family businesses.

Sparrow’s gourmet line of products are ones Ryan, Michelle and their daughters want to eat and to share